dog breeds

Written by admin on 16.10.2007 | dog breeds

There are a lot of different kinds of dog breeds in the world. Choosing the right dog for you and your family means you have to make a close study about the different dog breeds. Remember that each breed is almost not the same as the other. Some dog breeds needs proper attention and time […]

dog carrier

Written by admin on 16.10.2007 | dog carrier

It is not all the time that we have to put our dogs on a dog collar and a leash. That is why dog carrier is produced. Dog carrier is a bag especially designed to carry your canine pet. It is advisable to use a dog carrier rather than a leash if you are going […]

dog food

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Dog food is a meal specially made for the consumption of dogs alone. Dog food ingredients vary from plants, to vegetables and meat. For thousands of years, dogs have survived eating dog food that is made up of human food scraps and left-overs.  It was only few years ago when commercial dog food had been […]

Dog Collars

Written by admin on 16.10.2007 | Dog Collars

Accessorizing is not limited to humans only as pets nowadays look more fashionable sometimes more than their respective owners. Different pet products such as a dog collar, leash, carrier and personalized stuff are available in pet shops and salon for your pet to fit the trend. Some of these are just for fad but more […]


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